Steampunk Central will next be operating at The Rifle Club on Friday November 2nd - Sunday 4th


Trading will be open from 11am  - 5.30 pm Friday.  From 10am - 5pm Saturday and 11am to 4.30 pm Sunday.


Entertainment - 

Friday Night - The Major's Soiree

Featuring Tinker, The Cogkneys and Kit Cox
£5 admission on the door.

Saturday Night - "War of the Worlds Night"
Please come dressed as a martian/resistance fighter/invader of Mars or otherwise just how you fancy.
The great steampunk quiz (with prizes!)

Music and dancing
FREE ADMISSION £1 per person for Quiz.


Remember the Rifle Club has one of the best priced bars in Whitby.  Meals and snacks available during the day too!


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