Steampunk Central strives to offer some of the best Steampunk Traders in the UK.  

Traders this November:

Major Tinker's Emporium

Harlots and Angels

Dragonswann Design

Mother's Ruin Milinery

Maybe Moor

Clockwork Zeppelin

Blue Lady Couture

Impossible Fossils

House of Freya/Gentleman's Relish

Steampunk Engineering

FLB Wesaternwear

Appletree Lane Vintage


Steampunk Market Trading hours:    Friday 11am - 5.30pm     Saturday 10am - 5pm      Sunday  11am - 4.30pm

Freshly prepared food is available from 10am each day and the bar is open during licensed hours.


Want to trade?

We may have space for a few more traders but please note that this is a niche Steampunk venue and we are only suitable for steampunk traders.   We suggest that specialist Goth traders and general traders would be better sited in one of the other trading venues (Spa, Leisure Centre, Met etc)

If you are interested in trading from Steampunk Central you should enquire in the first instance of Please make sure you explain fully about what sort of trader you are and what you would like to sell.


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